where to buy essential oils

There are quite a few companies trading in essential oils and aromatherapy products online. They do vary in their quality standards, price and range of products. I have compiled a list of companies that have been around for a while and have a reputable brand. Most brands these days are also available on Amazon. The best and most popular places are: Young Living, Mountain Rose Herbs, doTERRA, and Eden Gardens.


Young Living

young living

Quality Control & Standards: Young Living is well-known for its unique essential oil products; skin care solutions, bath and body products, and oil-infused nutritional supplements. Recently, Young Living has accomplished a significant upgrade of its up-to-the-minute quality control and standards lab in Spanish Fork, Utah. The upgraded laboratory will aim to improve their testing methods.

They currently have 87 single oils, 86 blended oils, and 27 dietary oils for adding flavor to food or as supplements.

Prices: Young Living provides you with two membership plans. The membership plans include: Member and Retail Customer. As a member, you will save 24% off retail pricing on your desired product. As a retail customer, you will pay full retail price for all Young Living products.

Customer Service: Direct all your questions related to partnerships, sponsorships and public relations to prinquiries@youngliving.com. To place orders, login to Virtual Office (members only).

You are required to provide the following details when contacting Young Living via email: first & last name; member number; and security code. For customer service, send email to customerservice@youngliving.com.

Products on Amazon:

  • Young Living Lavender Essential Oil 15ml;
  • Young Living 15ml Peppermint Essential Oil;
  • Thieves Spray by Young Living – 3 pack;
  • Purification Essential Oil Blend by Young Living.


Mountain Rose Herbs


Mountain Rose Herbs is an Oregon, US-based company that sells certified quality of essential oils, aroma blends & sprays, candles, hydrosols, essential oil sampler kits, diffusers and burners.

Prices: Mountain Rose Herbs are highly affordable, since you can purchase an essential oil ½ oz. bottle for as low $15.00. The prices do vary with respect to the type of aroma oil you are purchasing. The return policy is quite friendly, because there is no restocking fee; and you have sixty days to return products. Plus you get to save up to 25% when you buy in bulk.

Customer Service: You can contact Mountain Rose Herbs via email, fax and phone to ask any question regarding their essential oils products.

You can send an email to support@mountainroseherbs.com. You can access phone/ fax numbers along with mailing address from the website.

Quality Control & Standards:  Mountain Rose Herbs ensure that all the essential oils products you buy are safety is proven through lab analysis. Before any essential oil plants are allowed into Mountain Rose Herbs’ facilities; the firm does request for a ‘pre-ship’ sample for analysis. Once analyzed and tested they will place an order. All products are set apart for Quality Control review, which involves extraction of samples for direct testing.




Quality Control & Standards:  DoTERRA values the safety of its clientele and that is why it has in place the best quality control and standards. Its quality protocol (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade), involves the following analytical methods: Gas Chromatography; Mass Spectrometry; Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy; Microbial Testing; and Organoleptic Testing. These methods are conducted in independent labs of standardization & testing.

Price: You can purchase essential oil products at wholesale prices or preferred member prices. When you buy through wholesale prices, you will get the following:

  • Compensation & bonuses;
  • No monthly order needed;
  • An opportunity to grab product of the month for free; and
  • Obtain free product points of 10 to 30% of total purchase.

When you buy through preferred member prices, you get:

  • No annual renewal fee;
  • Free product points of 10 to 30% of total purchase; and
  • No monthly order needed.

Customer Service: To make any order inquiries, request for general support, questions and commissions send an email to service@doterra.com or call 800-411-8151. Any promotional questions about essential oils products should be directed to promotions@doterra.com.

Products on Amazon:

  • DoTERRA Essential Oils Introductory Kit;
  • doTERRA Breathe Essential Oil Blend 15ml;
  • doTERRA Balance Essential Oil Grounding Blend 15 ml;
  • doTERRA OnGuard Essential Oil Supplement Protective Blend 15ml.


Eden Gardens

 eden gardens

Quality Control & Standards: Eden Gardens provide their customers with 100% pure grade essential oils products. These products are tested methodically to ensure that they meet the required standards. The essential oils from Eden Gardens are based on USDA food product & safety guidelines. Generally, Eden Gardens uses Organic Standards and USDA Organic for all their essential oils products. They currently have curated 127 single oils and 39 synergy blends.

Price:  Were inexpensive in comparison with other therapeutic grade oils.

Customer Service: Eden Gardens receives great volumes of phone calls. Therefore, all customers with any inquiries are advised to submit a message from their Contact page.



Mountain Rose Herbs Essential Oils are the third most expensive and Edens Garden Essential Oils are the most affordable of the four brands.  DōTERRA Essential Oils are the second most expensive oils of the four and its prices basically range from $20-$30.

I also recommend spending some time looking through The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) (http://www.ahpa.org/) website as they have developed guidance policies to advance its mission to promote the responsible commerce of herbal products.