The Top 5 Essential Oils For High Blood Pressure– Managing it the Natural Way

top 5 essential oils for high blood pressure

Given the stress relief properties of many essential oils, it should come as no surprise that essential oils are also beneficial for high blood pressure.

In fact, research has shown that certain essential oils can lower blood pressure and improve sleep quality at the same time. Essential oils that lower blood pressure include:

A study in the Evidence Based Complimentary Alternative Medicine Journal investigated the effects of an aromatherapy massage and use of an essential oil containing body cream on middle-aged women with high blood pressure. The study showed that massage with an essential oil blend of Lavender, Marjoram, Ylang Ylang and Neroli once a week, with an essential oil based body cream produced significant differences in lowering both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Another study, aimed to investigate the effects of an aromatherapy foot massage on blood pressure in Japanese men and women. The results suggested that regular foot massage can significantly reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and also anxiety.

High blood pressure is measured when the artery walls repeatedly receive too much pressure. It is dangerous, because the heart is working harder to pump blood. This can ultimately lead to the hardening of the arteries, stroke, kidney disease or heart failure.

The exact cause of high blood pressure is still unknown. However, certain factors such as smoking, being overweight, stress, too little exercise and genetics may play a role in the development of high blood pressure. Excessive intake of salt, caffeine and alcohol has also been linked to high blood pressure.

How can essential oils can help with high blood pressure?

Firstly, keep in mind how essential oils enter our bodies. When rubbed into the skin, they enter the blood stream through follicle cells or the sweat glands. However, they also gain entry through inhalation. In this case tiny molecules of oil are absorbed into the bloodstream as the lungs oxygenate the blood.

Once they’ve entered the bloodstream, essential oils can gradually dilate constricted arteries which normally makes the heart work harder to pump blood.

Many essential oils also act as antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress, resulting in lower blood pressure. And some essential oils efficiently decrease emotional stress that could lead to high blood pressure.



The 5 best and most effective essential oils for high blood pressure:

 1. Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia)

essential oils for high blood pressure

Lavender essential oil is one of the best essential oils. The main chemical constituents of lavandula angustifolia are esters and alcohols, which act as a gentle and calming tonic for the nervous system. It is no wonder then that lavender essential oil has been used for ages to treat depression, nervous disorders and unbalanced emotions. By assisting to release positive mental energy that helps to soothe stress, it plays an important role in lowering blood pressure.

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2. Clary Sage (Salvia Sclarea)

The use of clary sage essential oil in medicine can be traced back many centuries. A great anxiety-fighter, clary sage also has the effect of reducing blood pressure by relaxing the arteries. By widening the blood vessels to allow for increased circulation, the use of clary sage essential oil in aromatherapy also results in increased oxygenation to the muscles and organs.

Take care not to confuse clary sage with normal sage. The latter should be avoided by people with high blood pressure.

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 3. Ylang Ylang (Cananga Odorata)

essential oils for high blood pressure

Ylang ylang essential oil is rich in sesquiterpenes, making it a natural remedy for high blood pressure. It is known to improve blood flow, therefore supporting a healthy circulatory system.  Along with lavender and clary sage, ylang ylang is considered to be one of the most helpful essential oils for high blood pressure and to prevent heart arrhythmia.

Like lavender, ylang ylang is calming and helps to clear nervous tension that often leads to high blood pressure. It will also make you sleep like a baby.

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4. Sweet Marjoram (Origanum Marjorana)

essential oils for high blood pressure

With its spicy, woody and warm fragrance, sweet marjoram essential oil acts as a tonic to balance and warm the body. It has proved to be helpful in treating nervous exhaustion and lethargy. Sweet marjoram essential oil also helps to calm excessive thinking and promotes self-nurturing in the body.

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  5. Frankincense (Boswella Carterii)

essential oils for high blood pressure

When inhaled, frankincense essential oil has been shown to reduce heart rate and high blood pressure. Combined with its anti-anxiety and depression reducing abilities, frankincense deserves to one of the top essential oils for lowering blood pressure.

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Besides the four above mentioned essential oils used to lower blood pressure, there are several others with an antidepressant, sedative, calming and relaxing effect. They include Roman chamomile, bergamot and neroli.

In which quantities and combinations to apply essential oils for high blood pressure?

One study, published in the journal Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, monitored patients with coronary artery disease undergoing surgery to insert a stent. Some were allocated to an aromatherapy group and others to a standard nursing care group.

The patients in the aromatherapy group were treated with a blend of lavender and roman essential oils to lower blood pressure before and after the surgery. The essential oil blend consisted of lavender, Roman chamomile and Neroli essential oils in a 6:2:0.5 ratio. The treatment consisted of 10 deep inhalations of the blend. Furthermore, an aroma stone on which 2 drops of the essential oil blend were dropped was placed under the patients’ pillows.

After analysing the results of the study, the authors of the report noted the following: “lavender suppresses heart stimulation and lowers blood pressure; therefore, it is useful in the treatment of heart acceleration and high blood pressure. Chamomile has a calming effect and is effective in relieving anxiety and stress, and Neroli has a calming effect and is effective in treating insomnia”.


blood pressure info

The study which found that a body cream and massage oil containing certain essential oils can lower blood pressure required lavender, marjoram, ylang-ylang, and neroli in a ratio of 20:10:15:2 (diluted to 3%). This found to be immediately effective to lower the blood pressure of the group receiving the aromatherapy treatment.

The researchers commented that these were not the first studies to show that aromatherapy massage reduces blood pressure. They believed that the different oils worked synergistically to lower blood pressure.

Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure – DIY Recipes

A simple home treatment using essential oils for high blood pressure would be to mix:
1 drop lavender oil,
1 drop ylang ylang oil and
1 drop bergamot oil.

Add to a bowl of steaming water, cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam through deep breaths.
This is especially effective before going to bed.

An alternative blend is to mix:
1 drop lavender oil,
1 drop frankincense oil and
1 drop sweet marjoram to add to the water.

Another blend to try:
10 drops lemon oil
10 drops sweet marjoram oil
10 drops ylang ylang oil
30 drops clary sage oil
2 tablespoons almond oil

Essential Oils For Blood Pressure

Essential oils can lower blood pressure by vasodilation (dilating) arterial blood vessels (mainly arterioles), as well as acting as antioxidants which can reduce oxidative and emotional stress.  The most effective essential oils for blood pressure are:
lavender, clary sage, ylang ylang, sweet marjoram and frankincense.

If you want more information on how to use essential oils for high blood pressure then click here.

Note: Essential oils to avoid by people suffering from high blood pressure, include rosemary, thyme and hyssop. To be safe, always consult your doctor or a certified aromatherapist or medical practitioner to know what is right for you, if you are pregnant, or elderly before starting an essential oil regimen.

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  1. Sandy

    Thanks for the article. Do you also recommend chamomile?

  2. Susan

    Chamomile is as a mood enhancer, helping to relive depression & anxiety, so yes it could help to lower blood pressure by acting as a calming effect.